Friday, November 14, 2014

First Meetup of Sitecore User Group Sri Lanka ended Successfully!

After lot of preparation and hard work, we were able to do our first meetup on 12th November.

Over 12 developers participated for the event including developers from Codehouse Ltd, HSBC, Virtusa, Exilesoft, Calcey Technologies, CAAMS software development companies.

Presentation was done by Mr. Sen Guptha, Solution Architect, Sitecore International.
The presentation includes following points
  • Introduction to Sitecore Company
  • Growth of Sitecore Company
  • Introduction to Sitecore - Page Editor, Content Editor, Desktop, etc
  • Introduction to Sitecore Marketing suite - Marketing center, DMS, etc
  • Sitecore Certification Programs
  • Sitecore Resources - Marketplace, SDN, KnowledgeBase, etc

Presentation which took around 1 hour was followed by a Question and Answer session.

Q&A Session was highly successful with participants asking lot of question and clarifying their doubts from Mr. Sen Guptha.

After the presentation and Q&A session, it is time to relax and have some refreshments. Participants were discussed on how to progress with these meeting and how to promote the group so that more and more people with get the benifit from this group.

This event was powered by Codehouse Ltd, Sitecore Solution Partner.

Following are few snaps of the evnet

Looking forward to meet everyone on our December Meetup !

Until then, Ayubowan! (Good Bye) :-)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sitecore User Group Sri Lanka - First Meeting

We are starting "Sitecore User Group Sri Lanka", aiming to grow and educate the sitecore community in Sri Lanka. This will be an open discussion forum dedicated to support growing sitecore community in Sri Lanka.

Sitecore was generous to provide an Exclusive Online Presentation for our first Meetup, 12th November, 2014. We are expecting around 10 - 15 participants for the first meetup.

This will be facilitated by Codehouse Ltd, a Certified Sitecore Partner.

Everyone is welcome! :-)