Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Points about Update Installation Wizard

Today, while I'm browsing/searching on SDN, I found a documentation around Update Installation Wizard tool. I have used this tool on most occasions (mainly doing upgrades) and thought of writing the important points here.

Document Link :

Update Package

  • used to update sitecore solutions
  • contains items, files and metadata about items or files to be added/deleted and changed
  • contain information about the expected value of fields and has values for files, making it possible to identify potential conflicts
  • extension ".update"
  • CANNOT be installed using the Installation wizard that is available in the Sitecore Desktop

Accessing the Update installation wizard


Post Update Installation Steps

  • rebuild the search indexes and the links database
  • configuration files will be saves with a different name (Ex: web.config.sitecore_6.1.0_rev.090630)

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