Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Evaluation of condition failed for rule item error on Log files in Sitecore 8.0

Sitecore Version :

Sitecore 8.0 rev. 150223

Error :

Following error repeated in the error logs

ManagedPoolThread #1 07:41:22 ERROR Evaluation of condition failed. Rule item ID: {871B4104-9CFA-4DE3-AF38-DF1E144B3DF0}, condition item ID: {4640D86A-9B01-4B04-9BEB-03E06E5AC722}
Exception: System.InvalidOperationException
Message: Tracker.Current.Session.Interaction is not initialized
Source: Sitecore.Kernel
   at Sitecore.Diagnostics.Assert.IsNotNull(Object value, String message)
   at Sitecore.Analytics.Rules.Conditions.EngagementValuePointsCondition`1.Execute(T ruleContext)
   at Sitecore.Rules.Conditions.WhenCondition`1.Evaluate(T ruleContext, RuleStack stack)
   at Sitecore.Rules.RuleList`1.Run(T ruleContext, Boolean stopOnFirstMatching, Int32& executedRulesCount)

Reason :

When an Engagement plan condition has a timeout value set, this error occrs
Quote : Sitecore SupportWhen the state processing is performed by timeout, the interaction does not exist. That's why the excepion occurs in you log files, additionaly the contact does not move to the next state even if the condition was satisfied.

Solution :

Remove the timeout value from the Engagement plan Condition

Note : This has been registered as a bug (ref. 430511)


  1. Hello,

    I am getting same error for one of the engagement plans but there is no timeout set on it. Did you find the solution?

    1. hi. as stated in the "Solution:" section, the solution for this at that time was to remove the timeout value from engagement plan condition. But, there might be a permanent fix for this issue in latest versions for this.