Monday, September 7, 2015

Sitecore Config Include Folders

I was looking into how patch file integration working when I found out that, there is another confi include folder defined in the sitecore.kernel.dll code.

Following code was found in the Sitecore.Configuration namespace of Sitecore.Kernel.dll

We all know "/App_Config/Include" folder where we can keep .config files. But, what is this "/App_Config/Sitecore/Components" folder.

"/App_Config/Sitecore/Components" folder does not come by default with fresh Sitecore instance. So, I created the folder structure and try including a test configuration file (test.config) and it worked fine.

Then, I search in the internet for any information about this folder and could not find anything in the following Sitecore documentation that describes about sitecore patching.

But, then I did a search in the and found following document, which contains a description about the folder path and its usage.

Quote :
6.1 One more “Include” folderSitecore started to take into account one more folder during the initialization. The folder path in the following: /App_Config/Sitecore/Components. This folder is applied before applying the /App_config/Include folder. It does matter if we override settings, which are overridden by other include files.

Hope this helps!


  1. I blogged about this setting previously. I wish an /App_Config/Overrides folder was given to us, make life neater :)

  2. I actually saw your post when I search for "/App_Config/Overrides" folder but I was curious to find how & why sitecore is used this.
    Thank you for your post.