Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Multiple versions of an Item for a Language in Web database possible with Sitecore 8.1

In earlier versions of Sitecore (i.e.  Sitecore 8.0 or ealier), WEB database could only contain single item for a given language of an item.

In the hangout session done by Sitecore for Sitecore 8.1 release, I heard that it is possible to have more than one version of an item from given language in WEB database.

But, this is not possible to all the items. To allow multiple items be published to web database, an item must satisfy (or should contain) certain conditions.

One situation that allows multiple item versions for given language item is, item should have an Active Test running for different versions of the same language of that item

When the test successfully ends, Sitecore automatically creates a new version with the matching winning item version and published to Web database

NOTE: Web database will be only containing single item after the Test ends

So, next time when you teach Sitecore to a junior developer, remember NOT to say "Web database contain only one item version for a given language" :-D


  1. Hey @chaturanga,
    Great article,
    I have one question what's the mean of Active Test running for different versions, Actually I am not getting what you want to say.
    Thanks in advance.

    Arun Sharma

    1. Hi Arun,
      Thank you for the comment.
      By active Test, what i ment was A/B (Multivariate) Testing
      You can run Multivariate testing on two different item versions of same language ( say version 1 & version 2 of some Item )
      In that case, Sitecore will publish both versions to Web database, to support A/B Testing.
      Once that test is marked as finished, Sitecore will un-publish other item version and only keep winning item version in Web database.