Tuesday, November 15, 2016

How to Add Items into a Queue and Package them Together

Recently, one of my previous colleagues told me that he is planning to create a module which can be used to stack-up items in to a list and later create a package from those listed/added items.

But, I remember one of the features showed by Michael West and Adam Najmanowicz in "Sitecore Powershell Extension Workshop" at Sitecore Symposium. That was the possibility first add Sitecore items into a list and later create a Sitecore Package using that list.

The same functionality that my colleague was thinking about.

So,  following is that functionality that you can see in Sitecore Powershell Extension module.

I have Sitecore 8 instance with Sitecore PowerShell Extension 4.2 module (https://marketplace.sitecore.net/en/Modules/Sitecore_PowerShell_console.aspx) installed.

Now when I right-click on an Sitecore Item, in "Scripts" -> "Packaging" menu, you can see, "Start New Package" menu item (refer below image).

Then, when I right-click on any other Sitecore Item, it will provide "Add Item to Package" option. This option will allow you to add new items to the above created package.

And if you wish to create a new package, ignoring the previous created package, then you can select "Start New Package" option in the menu.
Please note that, this will dump your previous created package and the items added to it from memory and will create a new Package fresh.

When you are done with selecting items into package, you can click "Download Package" option in the menu. It will provide you with the Sitecore Package information dialog box.

and once submitted create and allow you to download the package

Other than those options, Sitecore Powershell Extension comes with other useful functionalities.

"Add Tree to Package" - will add the full sub-tree underneath the selected item into package
"Quick Download Tree as Package" - will directly download selected item and its sub-items as an sitecore package (Note that this option will not consider any Packages you have started. It just works on currently selected item and its sub-items)

It will turn out to be a very useful feature in your day-today Sitecore work and surely will save some time.

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