Saturday, November 4, 2017

Sitecore 9 Admin Tool to View Config Layers & Config Roles

With the latest release of Sitecore 9, Sitecore has introduced lots of good changes to config file patching. These includes categorizing configurations to Configuration Layers & Configuration Roles.

+Kamruz Jaman has written a great blog post on what are these new changes here

With these new additional configuration patching options, it might be bit difficult to track which configs are patch to which Configuration Layers OR which Configuration Role.

But not to worry.

Sitecore has provide a new Sitecore admin tool, Showconfiglayers.aspx, which will allow you to view the configurations filter by Configuration Layers, Configuration Roles or any combination of those.

For example, if you have selected following options and click on the "click to see result configuration" link, a new webpage will be open with showconfig.aspx file with the selected filters added as query string parameters.


Also, it support custom configuration roles also, by allowing you to add those into filters. 

Just type the custom role into text box and click "Add role" button. 

As I mention earlier, this new showconfiglayers.aspx file will open showconfig.aspx file with those selected Config layers & config roles added as query string parameters. So, most easiest way is to directly type those parameters into good old showconfig.aspx admin tool url, which should provide you with the same results.


UPDATE : 05/11/2017There is an official documentation regarding the same topic which I found today, you can refer it from following url

Happy Sitecore!!

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