Thursday, February 20, 2014

How to find packages installed on a Sitecore Instance

Few years back, one of the questions that I got from my manager was "Is there a way to detect/backtrack which packages are installed on a sitecore instance ?"

My answer was "No" to him at that time.

But, recently when I'm going through google, I found a blog post which describe a way to achieve this. Actually, this feature is already there in sitecore. We only have to know the where to look.

Login to Sitecore Desktop
Change database to "Core"
Open Content Editor and expand "/sitecore/system/packages/installation history" node

Here, you can view all the packages installed in the sitecore instance.
One thing to note that is, when you create the packages, remember to use the "Package name", "Author", "Version" fields as needed. Those field values are stored in the package installation history items.

For example, keeping "Package Name" as same for same type packages will store them under the same parent node in sitecore "/sitecore/system/packages/installation history" node.

Following blog post is about a simple tool/webpage to see the above information in a graphical way.

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