Thursday, February 20, 2014

Use of EnableEventQueue setting

When an item is updated and published, it did not get reflected on the website. But, when IIS cache is cleared, this new changes started to reflect on the website.

So, I looked into the code and could not find any issue. Then, I moved my focus to the sitecore configurations. Following are the steps that I tried/look.

1. Checked current website name is included in the <event name="publish:end"> node and <event name="publish:end:remote"> node.
    What this setting does is, it says to sitecore clear html cache of the sites specified in that event section, on publish.

2. Then, I looked into EventQueue table in the web database. It does not had any entries. So, that was the issue. So, I change "EnableEventQueues" setting to "true" on CM instance. This did the trick.

Reason for our issue was that sitecore is using EventQueue table entry to clear the cache on publish. Since there were no entries in the table, sitecore did not clear any cache.

Read following blog entries which describe the use of EventQueue table and settings in details to get a better understanding.

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